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Happy Castanyalloween 2016!!

I was traveling during the dates of Halloween and all saints but I prepared these illustrations that I published in my social networks. I finally show them on Artstation.

This is my tribute to what I call "Castanyalloween".

Traditionally in Spain is celebrated the "Día de todos los Santos" (Day of All Saints) that pays tribute to the deceased, in addition, in Catalonia, where I live, we also celebrate "La castanyada", where we eat roasted chestnuts and "panellets".

Barcelona is a multicultural city and for a few years the Halloween party has come into our lives. With "Castanyalloween" I intend to merge this multiculturalism that allows the traditional and the new to go together.
I find it nice to be like this, shared :)

Lorena loguen happy castanyalloween 2016 chestnut by lorena loguen


Lorena loguen happy castanyalloween 2016 panellet by lorena loguen