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Je t'aime

I wanted to design a delivery van and I suddenly realized that I had made a story!

It's the story about Valentin, the graffiti artist who is in love in secret of Marie, the transport driver.
She has a van for transport milk, the van is really clean! It's too old but she loves her van and takes good care of her.
At the moment she is delivering milk shipments he uses to run to paint his message of love in the van.

I have don't any animation for a long time, it was fun to tell/draw this little story, I was very inspired by this!
Some friends were also inspired so we may surprise you "in 3D"!

Thanks for watching!!

Je t'aime
The animatic

Lorena loguen je taime grid by lorena loguen

"Je t'aime"

Lorena loguen je taime 000 by lorena loguen

"Je t'aime"
Concept of the "clean" van

Lorena loguen je taime 025 by lorena loguen

Marie, the muse

Lorena loguen je taime 001 by lorena loguen

Valentin, the grafitti artist in love

Lorena loguen je taime 026 by lorena loguen

"Je t'aime"
Concept of the "in love" van

Lorena loguen je taime cover by lorena loguen

Milk logo of the Marie's van